Consumer Marketing Summit

Organic, Natural and Sustainable

As organic becomes mainstream and traditional businesses “go green,” a new challenge is facing many values-driven businesses: staying relevant. Learn how at Kitchen.

Event Highlights

Speaker Lineup

John Foraker, CEO
Annie’s Naturals

Theresa Marquez, VP
Organic Valley Farms

Heather Howitt, founder
Oregon Chai

Chris VanDyke, CEO

Frederick Schilling, founder
Dagoba Organic Chocolate

Laurie Demeritt
Hartman Group

Ben McConnell, author
Citizen Marketers

There's more!

Who joined last year
  • Brand leaders made up nearly half of the audience — Spectrum Organics, Amy’s Kitchen and Kettle Foods to name a few
  • More than 100 attendees from across the U.S.
  • Expert marketers from disciplines including interactive, youth and word of mouth marketing
  • PR, branding, advertising and research experts, including the Hartman Group with new research

Produced by: Maxwell PR. 503.231.5086